What Is Mass Movement?


Mass movement is movement of rock and soil by gravity. There are two basic types. One is a 'land slide' and that happens fast and all at once. The other is called 'soil creep' and that is basically a land slide that happens very slowly over a long period of time. You can find more information here: http://www.uwsp.edu/geo/faculty/ritter/geog101/textbook/mass_movement_weathering/mass_movement_1.html
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Gravity and catastrophe causes Mass Movement.
The slow movement of topsoil down a hillside is an example of slow mass
A quartz-movement relies on a series of electronic pulses. The quartz crystal creates a constant set of pulses, typically at a rate of 32,768 oscillations per second (Hz) An electronic
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mass movement
an organized effort by a large number of people, especially those not forming part of the elite of a given society, to bring about pervasive changes in existing social, economic, or political institutions, frequently characterized by charismatic leadership.
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There are several types of mass movement. Mass movement is the down slope movement of the earth materials under the influence of gravity. A few are soil seep, slides, and slumps.
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