What Is Mass Movement?


Mass movement is movement of rock and soil by gravity. There are two basic types. One is a 'land slide' and that happens fast and all at once. The other is called 'soil creep' and that is basically a land slide that happens very slowly over a long period of time. You can find more information here: http://www.uwsp.edu/geo/faculty/ritter/geog101/textbook/mass_movement_weathering/mass_movement_1.html
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creep. slump. rockfall. rockslide. mudflow. hope this helps:
mass wasting The movement downslope of rock fragments and soil under the influence of gravity. The material concerned is not incorporated into water or ice, and moves of its own accord
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mass movement
an organized effort by a large number of people, especially those not forming part of the elite of a given society, to bring about pervasive changes in existing social, economic, or political institutions, frequently characterized by charismatic leadership.
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There are several types of mass movement. Mass movement is the down slope movement of the earth materials under the influence of gravity. A few are soil seep, slides, and slumps.
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