What Is Matter Made of?


Matter is a general term referring to the substance which all physical objects consist. It comprises of atoms and other particles that have mass. It is commonly described as anything with mass and volume.
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Matter is a general term for anything that has mass and occupies volume. It is what all things are made of, rather than it being made of other things.
Matter is made of tiny little particles, too. The particles that make up matter are called atoms. You cannot see atoms because they are so small. Lots of atoms join together to make up matter that you can see.
Matter is made of tiny particles mainly atoms and molecules. Everything we come in contact with has some type of matter as its makeup, bricks, air, water to name a few.
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Matter is made of leptons, quarks, atoms, molecules, and compounds. The basic components of matter, leptons and quarks, can interact in four basic ways: gravity, ...
Matter made up of only one kind of atom is element. Each element is made of atoms that are basically consistent, with the same number of protons in the atomic. ...
Matter is made up of three key physical properties, mass, volume and density. In order to measure matter we determine these. For instance, weigh matter and find ...
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