What is McDonald's policy on free food?


On the McDonald's employee benefits website, it states that workers of all levels receive free food on their shifts and discounts when they are not working. McDonald's does not give free food to customers unless an order does not come out right.

One of the reasons McDonald's offers free and discounted food to its workers is because of the low wages it pays them. Most workers who need to work at McDonald's to support themselves or their families do not make enough to purchase groceries on a weekly basis and rely on McDonald's to feed them. One of the more ironic twists about McDonald's feeding its employees is that a resource website the company set up for its workforce suggested that the types of food the fast food giant serves are not recommended for daily consumption. According to ABC News, the website featured a picture of a burger, fries and soda with the caption, "Eating a diet in high fat puts people at risk for becoming overweight."

McDonald's does not have a policy for giving free food to customers, but the company came under scrutiny when it fired one of its workers for purchasing $70 worth of food for a local fire department out of her own pocket when her manager told her the store would not give it to them for free.

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