What Is Metathione?


Meta-thione is a brand name for a skin lightener. It contains L0Glutathione, alpha Lipoic acid and L-Cysteine along with vitamin C. It is said that it will improve the condition of your skin.
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I went to Wastsons drug store and they are selling a bottle for Php2700. I was advised that a bottle contains 60 pills.
Glutathione, no question 'bout it! metathione gives you little red bumbs on your bum! The old lady knows, trust me honey Source(s): Past experiences
They are the same. Metathione is brand name. Beware of buying whitening products. I think the only brand that works are metathione & gluta-white. Please call BFAD to check about
Metathione is the Brandname Glutathione is the generic name Pretty much like colgate is to toothpaste... More information about Metathione can be found at: http://metathione.blogspot.com
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