What Is Michigan Famous for?


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Rick Snyder (R)
Rick Snyder (R) is the governor of Michigan.
Governor of:
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Includes Irish Hills area, Michigan Internt'l Speedway, Hidden Lakes Gardens,
The homeowner can pay off the loan during a time called pre-foreclosure. The homeowner can also sell the house to a third party during this period. This period in Michigan takes up
Michigan is a mixing pot of many cultures. There are strong middle eastern, polish, thia, chinese, italian, finnish, german communities in the state with staples for each. Something
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Michigan is famous for being the birth place of the automotive industry and also for its great lakes. The Ford Motor Company, currently the world's second largest automaker, was founded and incorporated in 1903 in Detroit, Michigan by Henry Ford. Michigan is surrounded by the Great Lakes namely Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and Lake Huron, making it a famous quite famous.
Michigan is famous for having the longest fresh water coastline of any political subdivision in the world. It is bounded by four of the five great lakes in addition to Lake Saint Clair and the total number of inland lakes and ponds is 64,980.
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