What is microfiber fabric?


Microfiber fabrics are textiles made from very fine synthetic fibers of materials like polyester and polamide. Microfibers are classified as measuring one denier or less, which when combined equal a surface area up to 40 times larger than a standard fiber. This provides an expanded canvas for bold patterns and colors.

The advantages of microfiber fabrics include cost-effectiveness, wrinkle resistance, breathability and durability. They are also comfortable and water-resistant, making them easy to care for. Cleaning is simple, requiring ordinary detergent and warm water. However, fabric softener can damage the fine fibers, and sunlight tends to fade the colors of microfiber fabrics more rapidly than natural fibers such as wool, cotton or silk.

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The strands that make up microfiber fabric measure less than 1 denier, or about half as thick as a strand of silk. Some microfiber fabrics use strands that are only 10 microns in
Fabrication is when you use raw materials to make something. It is also the act of constructing something. You may fabricate your own kitchen table from wood you already have at your
noun. ; 1. A fine synthetic yarn.
Use a gentle soap, Woolite, or buy a microfiber cleaner. If all else fails call in a pro. Ask anything
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What Is Microfiber Fabric?
Microfibers are very small strands of synthetic fibers that are knitted, woven together or used to create non-woven fabrics. Microfiber fabrics are highly versatile and popular for a wide variety of uses.... More »
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