What is Microsoft Access used for?


Microsoft Access is a database management system that serves as an electronic filing system. With Microsoft Access, the user is easily able to modify any data within the database, produce reports from the database and submit queries about all information stored into it. Microsoft Access fully utilizes the Windows layout for ease of use.

Most users of Microsoft Access use the tables, forms and queries. Database tables are very similar to spreadsheets. After listing the subject matter of each column, the user has the option of adding additional columns to detail the attributes of the subject. When done, each row has any needed information about each subject. The form method of data entry available in Microsoft Access allows one to enter information for the system in graphical form for it to be transferred to a database. Some may find this easier for data entry if they do not have to finalize the tables. The query function of Microsoft Access increases productivity by allowing the user to combine information from more than one table and specify the conditions of the data that the user retrieves. It shortens the time-consuming task of having to look manually through bountiful information to pinpoint certain ones that have certain characteristics.

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Open Microsoft Access. I will be explaining from the 2003 version, so things may be different. Click the picture of the blank page at the top, it should be the icon for new document
it is good for individual to work, because it is less powerful, and just can use in MS system, but it can link with other software which come from MS, e.g. word, excel, and it is
Prototyping. I'm not a programmer, but I can code a little. If I want to demonstrate how something can be done, e.g. quickly put together some forms with the tables stored locally
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What Is Microsoft Access Used For?
Microsoft Access is an office product that allows the user to create relational databases that have tables of data. Learn about examples of asset databases in Microsoft Access with help from a software developer in this free video on Microsoft Access.... More »
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