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Mimi Rogers is the statuesque leading lady who rose to stardom as the glamorous love interest in Ridley Scott's Someone to Watch Over Me (1987). Her most prominent roles since then have been as the troubled swinger in The Rapture (1991), the space-age mo
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Mimi Rogers
Born: January 27, 1956
Birthplace: Coral Gables, Florida
Mimi Rogers is an American actress well known for her roles in the films Someone to Watch Over Me and Ginger Snaps. She has also appeared on the TV shows The X-Files and Two and a Half Men.
Actress Mimi Rogers is famous for her role in Ridley Scott's Someone to Watch Over Me (1987). She has also played the role of a troubled swinger in The Rapture (1991). Mimi is considered a statuesque leading lady.
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Mimi Rogers is 54 years old (birthdate: January 27, 1956).
Mimi Rogers' number, like most celebrities, is not publicly available for the safety of
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