What Is Miming?


Miming is the art of expression in silence, in form of acting and mainly using signs and gestures to communicate. To get the message conveyed through this act, you have to look at the person and understand the facial expression and body language. To make the experience unforgettable to the viewers, the miming is done together with some dance and drama enabling one to imagine and understand the concept more.
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Mime is where you silently express things. You have to be really good to do a show of mime, as there is no talking, you have to show what you mean by body lanuage. Mime is very emotional
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What is Mime?
Watch an Introduction to Mime in this free circus performance video from our expert mime performer and director.... More »
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Mime defined as the silent art of acting a scene or expressing feelings with gestures and also with facial expressions. There are two types of Mime: abstract which often has no plot or main character and Literal mime often comedic or is used to tell a story.
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