What Is Mobileme?


MobileMe is a subscription-based set of online services and software provided by Apple Inc. It is a service offered to help users keep their Mac or PC faultlessly in synchronisation with Apple devices such as the iPhone.
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1. Download the latest version of iTunes from Apple's iTunes page. The iTunes link is provided in the Resources section of this article. Save the file to your desktop. 2. Double-click
MobileMe is Apple's subscription cloud-based service that features syncing of contacts, calendars, and emails, in addition to web-based storage (iDisk) and tracking of iOS devices
1. Set up your calendar. Transfer your calendar to Google Calendar via your Google account. 2. Set up Gmail as a EXCHANGE account on your iDevice. Yes - an Exchange account. The server
As an Apple retail employee, I can say that Apple has not published a public statistic for the number of MobileMe users. 2 Million Users does sound like a reasonable number though
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MobileMe syncs data stored in certain programs on your PC, Mac and iPhone. These include calendar, e-mail and address book programs. MobileMe subscriptions allow ...
1. Open the Messaging menu on your phone and select "Yes" to define a new mailbox. 2. Select "IMAP4" on the Mailbox Type screen, then select ...
1. Plug the MobileMate Duo into a free USB port directly on your computer chassis. Windows will recognize the device automatically and assign it a drive letter ...
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