What Is Mold?


Mold is a fungus. Mold thrives in damp areas. In homes, black mold is a problem which can effect our health.
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What is Mold?
When microscopic fungi come together to form branches of interconnected nuclei, it is called mold. Mold is a source of good and evil in this world, because some types are health hazards, while others are completely beneficial. There are many different... More »
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Mold is one of the many kinds of fungi. Molds thrive in moist locations, including basements. Some molds are very dangerous to humans. You can find more info at: www.wisegeek.com
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Molds are a type of fungi that are generally microscopic in nature. They are grown through multi-cellular parts which is known as hyphae. Microscopic fungi that grow as a single cell
Mold is a type of multi-celled fungus whose spores are invisible to the naked eye but can easily be seen under a microscope. The spores of mold are typically thread-like in nature
Mold is a type of fungi found everywhere on earth. Despite what many people think, mold can grow in hot and cold places alike. Mold produces spores that float into the air, looking
1. The first piece of molding is installed with straight cuts to fit in between the two walls. In this case this piece of molding is between the doorway molding and the wall. 2. Using
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Molds are rapidly growing fungi that reproduces asexually by producing spores. Mold forms fuzz on fruits, bread, and other foods, as they lose freshness. ...
Mold is also called microscopic fungi which can grow in different areas such as on old rotten food. Also, mold can appear in homes that need to be repaired. ...
Mold is microscopic organisms that can be found just about anywhere. It grows indoors and out. It can appear on clothes, walls and even food. Exposure to too much ...
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