What is moleskin material?


Moleskin refers to the silky fur of a mole that is used for fabric and medical adhesive pads. Moleskin is a heavy cotton fabric and is identified by its softness. It is used for windproof clothing and also in film productions to suggest nudity. Moleskins are not made from an actual mole’s skin. British manufacturers are the most notable manufacturers of moleskin.

Moleskin begins as a heavy cotton fabric, then it is cut so that one side becomes a short cut material called a pile. It is used in clothing used for durability purposes and is often blended with other materials to promote fabric strength. Moleskin is particularly effective in the healing of blisters; its softness protects the blister without tearing the fragile skin. For this purpose, moleskin comes in padded form with an adhesive backing with a pre-cut hole to allow the blister to remain unharmed. In film productions, a moleskin is also an adhesive cloth placed over genitals to give the appearance of nudity without actual exposure. Moleskins in this circumstance are flesh-colored. When moleskin is used for medical purposes and scenes involving nudity, the fabric is typically a beige to brown color. Moleskin's most notable appearance is the "moleskin slip" that occurred in Janet Leigh's shower scene in "American Psycho."

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Definition. Moleskin, despite its name, is actually a heavy-napped, cotton twill fabric. First uses. Moleskin was first used to make clothing. Lighter grades of moleskin were used
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What Is Moleskin Material?
Moleskin is a material that's been made famous by its uses. It was once used to cover the notebooks of famous writers, it's been used for the uniforms of different military branches and now it's found commonly in a variety of products and places.... More »
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