What Is Mom EXE?


Mom.exe refers to part of the ATI Catalyst Control Centre program and is a monitoring software that is part of the video card driver package that one gets with ATI Radeon video cards. This program is generally harmless.
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MOM.exe is normally a part of a program called the ATI Catalyst Control Center. This program comes as part of the video card driver package you get with ATI video cards, including
if it's in program files and associated with ati video card software it's legit. if it's in /windows/ or /system32/ or other windows files it needs to be deleted. my system was bogging
mom.exe is a Catalyst Control Center: Monitoring program from ATI Technologies Inc. belonging to Catalyst Control Centre Although this is an ATI Technologies Inc. application there
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What Is MOM.exe?
You’ve found a file called “MOM.exe” on your computer or you are receiving MOM.exe-related error messages. Don't panic. Although some viruses and malware can mimic names of files like this, if you have an ATI Radeon graphics card with... More »
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