What Is Moment of Inertia?


Moment of inertia is also known as mass moment of inertia and it is a measure of an object's resistance to change in its rotation rate.
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There are two types of moments of inertia - one is mass moment of inertia and the other geometrical or area moment of inertia. The geometrical moment of inertia is cross sectional
( ¦jē·ə¦me·trik ¦mō·mənt əv i′nər·shə ) (mathematics) The geometric moment of inertia of
Multiply moment of inertia (lb.inch2) by 0.0002926397 to obtain
inertia is a measure of how hard it is to move something. If you want to move something in a straight line then you just consider the mass and use F = ma. However, if you want to
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moment of inertia
the sum of the products of the mass and the square of the perpendicular distance to the axis of rotation of each particle in a body rotating about an axis.
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