What is a monarchy?


A monarchy is a state or nation in which power, sort of like governmental power, is held by one person. One person makes all of the decisions for the entire nation or state.
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a state or nation in which the supreme power is actually or nominally lodged in a monarch.
supreme power or sovereignty held by a single person.
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A monarchy is a government where the head of government is an hereditary king or queen (monarch). This is different from a constitutional monarchy, where the head of government might
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A Monarchy is a form of government whereby the head of state is a single person and the office is hereditary whereby it is inherited by members of the ruling family ...
A monarchy is a type of government that is ruled by a monarch. One of the advantages of a monarchy is the qualification that the ruler will have as the monarch ...
Dual monarchy means when two individual kingdoms are governed by the same leader of a monarchy. Austria and Hungary are noted for having a dual monarchy. ...
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