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Monera is a type of bacteria or organism and various different pathogens that reproduce by asexual budding or fission. Another requirement for an organism to be a monera is that it's nutritional mode is absorption, chemosynthesis, or photosynthesis. You can find more information here: http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=monera
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Monera is a kingdom that includes Archeobacteria and Eubacteria. These organisms are single-celled and have no nucleus. They absorb their nutrients through their cell wall.
Monera Definition One of the 5 main kingdoms, includes bacteria and blue/green algae. Does NOT have a cell membrane, or in other words, is made of prokaryotic cells. Actually Monera
Cellular life forms fall under one of two classifications: prokaryotic and eukaryotic life. Prokaryotes, such as the members of Kingdom Monera, lack a central nucleus and outer membrane
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Kingdom Monera
The Monerans are the most numerous and widespread organisms on earth. They comprise the only kingdom of prokaryotic organisms, those which lack a nucleus or other membrane-bounded organelles... More >>
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Monera refers to a taxonomic group and is one of the five kingdoms in the classification of living things. Kingdom Monera has been divided into three groups or ...
Monera is a kingdom which includes unicellular organisms. They do not have a nucleus, which makes them different from bacteria. The mode of nutrition of Monera ...
Specifically speaking, monera comes from a kingdom of single celled organisms. As such, monera types range from various types of bacteria, green algea, and ...
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