What Is Mongolism?


Mongolism is another name for Down Syndrome. It is caused by a genetic chromosomal syndrome causing a third copy of chromosome 21.
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Mongolia is a country in east and central Asia bordered by Russia on the north and China on the south, west and east. It is surrounded by mountain ranges on the north and west and
Mongols are people who have no home or any place to stay.
A mongol is a member of a pastoral people now living chiefly in Mongolia.
Also worth reading John Man on this subject, too. The problems of
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Down Syndrome
Down syndrome is a genetic abnormality that occurs due to an extra copy of chromosome 21. It causes lifelong developmental delays that can range from moderate to severe. It cannot be cured but can be managed with educational interventions, specialized parenting techniques, and community engagement. These all can encourage a person with Down syndrome to develop life skills and social bonds. Many Down syndrome patients live past the age of 50. More »
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The fall of the mongols was caused by internal tension related to the communal structure and tribe mentality as it related to expansion, succession and other basic ...
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