What Is Monoculture?


The web definition of monoculture is the cultivation of a single crop. This can be on a farm, an area or a country. In agriculture, monoculture would be the practice of growing or producing one single crop in a large geographical area. You can find more information here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monoculture
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definition of monoculture there are two different definitions of monoculture scientific definition:vegetation composed of a single species. agricultural definition:field composed
Monoculture is the practice of producing or growing one single crop...
Monocultures are particularly susceptible to disease. A single strain of pestilence can attack and wipe out a monoculture field that lacks resistance to a certain disease because
Monoculture encourages pests and diseases to flourish - this may affect yields negatively.
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the use of land for growing only one type of crop.
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Monoculture is like planting one tomato plant for 100 people and depending in it for all their food. It is using a small resource for many people.
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