What Is Mother of Pearl Made of?


The mother of pearl is a natural gem that is found in the shells of molluscs. The mother of pearl is made when the mollusc secretes nacre, a blend of minerals, to protect itself from foreign substances and parasites. These deposits are then collected and polished to be sold as mother of pearls.
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Is mother of pearl the same as a pearl? The short answer is 'no, but kind of.' We'll explain the differences between a pearl and mother of pearl, which is a gorgeous, colorful organic
Nacre, or mother of pearl, is the iridescent blend of minerals
Mother of pearl is part of the shell, not the shell. Mother of pearl is the inner lining of the shell. It is also called the "pearly layer". It is secreted by epithelial
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Mother of pearl is made of up of shells of many molluscs that are made up of two substances; plates of aragonite which contains calcium carbonate and conchiolin which is a natural protein and elastic biopolymers. The pearl is an iridescent layer of material that forms the shell lining of many molluscs and is also called nacre. It is widely used as an inlay in jewellery, furniture, and musical instruments and comes in various natural colours.
Mother of pearl is formed in the shells of many mollusks and is made up of two substances; plates of aragonite and elastic biopolymers, which the mollusks excrete. Incidentally, Mother pearl, which is considered as high prized jewellery is used by the mollusks for protection.
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