What Is MSN Hotmail Incoming Mail Server Name?


The Msn Hotmail Incoming mail server name is referred to as pop3-email-msn-com. The name means port 110 which has a secure password authentication. The MSN Hotmail Outgoing Mail Server name is smtp-email-msn-com.
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MSN incoming mail server: pop3.email.msn.com and MSN outgoing mail
If you are using Microsoft Outlook & the Outlook Connector, you can define your Hotmail account just like any regular POP3 email account: Hotmail Incoming Mail Server (POP3) -
1. Go to an online web-based email forwarding service and register for an account by entering your email address and a password, like the free ad-driven version of the IzyMail web-based
Set up your account Enter the Your Name which you want to embed on outgoing emails, E-mail Address which should be ended with @hotmail.com or @msn.com, and the Password for the email
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The MSN email service allows you to use the MSN POP3 and SMTP servers to access your MSN mailbox. For MSN Incoming Mail Server (POP3) the name is pop3.email.msn.com (port 110, using Secure Password Authentication - SPA) and for the MSN Outgoing Mail Server the name is smtp.email.msn.com (select My outgoing server requires authentication).
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