What Is Mucosa?


Mucosa is a mucous membrane or the thin layer located in the lining of body cavities and passages. This membrane is composed of epithelium and lamina propria. The main mucus membrane in the body is that which forms a protective covering on the oral cavity.
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[myoo-koh-suh, -zuh]
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Mucosa is a tissue which lines tubular structures in the body. Some areas where you can find mucosa are: the digestive tract, lungs and mouth. To find more information click here:
Signs and symptoms of erythematous mucosa of the rectum or proctitis include a feeling of rectal fullness, urgent and frequent bowel movements, bleeding from the rectum, bloody diarrhea
Mucosa:1:mucus-secreting membrane lining all body cavities or passages that communicate with the
each day.aquart of mucus secrected containing lysozyme anti-bacterial enzyme, and defensins (antibodies) mucus traps inspied debris.water of the mucus humidifies inhaled air.
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Nodular Mucosa is a medical term that describes mucous membrane, the inner lining of your intestine, as having aggravated cells. Nodular Mucosa is most commonly ...
Colonic mucosa is the mucus layer that lines the intestines. It helps provide a barrier to bacteria, acidic foods and foreign bodies and helps protect the intestinal ...
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