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Mufti is a civilian dress worn by persons who serve in a uniformed service, such as the military or police. It originally was used in reference to British naval or military officer and originated with the British service in India.
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Mufti is the name given to a Muslim scholar who has been allowed to give rulings on religious matters. It may also refer to plain clothes worn by a person who wears uniform on his job, like a policeman.
Mufti refers to a Muslim scholar who is eligible enough to interpret religious law. The Muslim governments have an officially appointed mufti who assists the government. Muftis are usually very knowledgeable about the Qur'an and Hadith, two major authorities for Muslim law.
Mufti is a slang word for civilian attire which refers to a set of ordinary clothes worn by an individual who normally wears military uniform. The word is said to have originated from the Middle East. It was mainly used by the British army in the 19th century.
Mufti day is casual Friday. It is slang for casual attire that is worn on Friday which is set apart from other days of the week when one is in uniform or official clothes. In most countries student and staff dress casually on mufti day and raise funds for various projects the school or organisation might be involved in.
Mufti day is a school day when students are allowed to wear casual attire instead of the usual uniforms for a charitable cause. Students pay a small fee to be allowed this privilege and the proceeds are donated to a chosen cause.
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It is another word for non-uniforn day which they used to use a couple of years ogo.
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The word Mufti is an Arabic word; borrowed into the English language by British soldiers in India. Meaning civilian dress
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In America, this is Casual Friday. It is a day where office employees are encouraged to wear casual Clothing . ...
It is another word for non-uniforn day which they used to use a couple of years ogo. ...
Mufti day is the day when schools allow their students and staff to come to school in normal, casual clothing instead of their uniform and charge a small fee to ...
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