What Is Mulch Made of?


Organic mulch is made from leaves, grass clippings, straw, shredded bark, sawdust, woodchips, cardboard and animal manure. Rubber mulch is made from recycles tire rubber.
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What is mulch? Did you know that mulch is what protects your plants in the landscape? Mulch is a loose covering of material over the ground around your landscape and garden plants
There are several varieties of black mulch, including shredded hardwood, rubber and plastic. All are effective in retaining water, keeping soil warm and controlling pesky weeds. However
A mulch is anything that can be used to suppress weeds, conserve water, or give a "polished" look to a garden. There are two types - organic or inorganic. Most organic mulches
It is naturally red because of cedar wood, which it is made of.
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Mulch is made from man made materials that do not decompose or decompose very slowly. Mulch that is made with wood can contain or feed termites.
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