What Is Mulch Made of?


Organic mulch is made from leaves, grass clippings, straw, shredded bark, sawdust, woodchips, cardboard and animal manure. Rubber mulch is made from recycles tire rubber.
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Black mulch slows the growth of weeds and holds the moisture in flower and vegetable gardens. The color of this mulch creates a vivid contrast between the bright flowers and the black
Mulch is simply an all-purpose term for any protective soil covering. It ca be made of wood,
Mulch is any material that placed over soil in the garden or around trees. It's purpose is to retain moisture, deter weeds and to keep the soil from eroding.
I would say rubber mulch is the best. I have it in my garden and in my backyard and I love it! It's good for the soil, it doesn't smell, and it keeps out insects. This is what I heard
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Mulch is made from man made materials that do not decompose or decompose very slowly. Mulch that is made with wood can contain or feed termites.
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