What Is Mundic?


Mundic is a term used from the 1690's to describe a copper ore which began to be smelted at Bristol and elsewhere in south-western Britain. Mundic was once referred to Pyrite, but has now adopted the wider meaning of concrete deterioration caused by oxidization of pyrites within the aggregate. The oxidization of pyrite forms sulphate.
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Mundic: Iron pyrites (brass-colored mineral, widely and used as an iron ore - fool's gold), or arsenical pyrites; so called by the Cornish miners.
Have a look at. http://www.cornwall.gov.uk/Library/ProjectPacks/pr. ojectpacks.htm#M. they seem to provide project pack information on the subject of Mundic Block. It may be of some
Concrete made with mining waste containing minerals such as pyrite or iron sulphide, which can alter and result in reduced structural strength subject to certain conditions.
Almost anyone owning, or wishing to purchase a property built during the at risk period will, at some point have need of a test. In an advanced state of deterioration Mundic concrete
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Mundic concrete describes a cause of deterioration in concrete due to the decomposition of mineral constituents within the aggregate. A typical source of such ...
Mundic block is a slab of concrete made with pyrite or iron sulphide minerals which weaken its structure. Many buildings were made with such aggregate between ...
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