What Is Munting?


Munting is a variation of necrophilia that involves two people who are alive and one who is dead either male or female. It may also refer to the act of digging up a semi-decomposed corpse.
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There are a few meanings for the word munt. One is an australian slang "to vomit". ChaCha on!
also munt·jak (mŭnt'jăk') n. Any of several small deer of the genus Muntiacus of southeast Asia and the East Indies. Also called barking deer . [Malay menjangan,
malawig elementary school.
Munting means a vertical framing piece that separates the panels of a door. It's also a variation of necrophilia involving two live people and one dead.
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Munting is finding a dead body then having someone (or perhaps more than one person) stand on top of the body squishing and forcing out the guts and entrails. The other person then eats and slurps up what comes out of the dead body. Munting toad is also British slang for a very unattractive female.
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