Muzzle Velocity?


Muzzle velocity refers to the speed a projectile has, when it exits the muzzle of the gun. It is usually determined by the quality and quantity of the propellant, the length of the barrel and the weight of the projectile.
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muzzle velocity
the speed of a projectile, usually expressed in feet or meters per second, as it leaves the muzzle of a gun.
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1. Create a range for the ballistics test. Mark out a 15-foot-long area where it will be safe to fire a weapon. At the far end of this range, place a block of ballistics gel on a
FPS - Feet Per Second.
( də′vel·əpt ′məz·əl və′läs·əd·ē ) (ordnance) The actual muzzle velocity produced by any gun.
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the muzzle velocity on the 40gn vmax is 2200fps. ...
the muzzle velocity on the 40gn vmax is 2200fps. ...
The muzzle velocity can get up to 2700 feet per second (fps). ChaCha! ...
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