What Is My Birthstone?


The birthstones vary with the month of the year for instance Garnet is the January birthstone while the May birthstone is emerald. They are a fun way to rejoice your birth month and you can visit the birthstoneguide site to find your exact birthstone.
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They are the foundation stones for each of the twelve apostles in the temple of the New Jerusalem.
There are stones for both the star sign you were born under and the month you were born. Birthstones are a fun way to celebrate your birth month. Each month has its very own gemstone. Wearing your birthstone is considered very lucky and is thought to provide the wearer with good fortune.
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To determine what your birthstone, one would need to know the month you were born. Each month has a different gem that represents the month they were born.
The month you were born in determines what your birthstone is. If you were born in January it is the Garnet. The birthstone for February is the Amethyst, for March is the Aquamarine, for April is the Diamond, for May is the Emerald, and for June is the Pearl. For those born in July, it is the Ruby, for August it is the Peridot, for September it is the Sapphire, for October it is the Opal, for November it is the Citrine, and for December it is the Topaz.
Without knowing the month of your birth I cannot tell you what your birthstone would be. However, my birth month is December and I can tell you that my birthstone would be turquoise.
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A birthstone is the type of stone (jewel) that is associated with the month that you were born. For example, my birthday is in July and the birthstone for that month is ruby. Although
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Peridots are most often green, but they can range in color from a light yellow-green to a dark olive green. The peridot is closely associated with nature. It symbolizes strength and
There are twelve different birth stones which include Aquamarine, Ruby and sapphire. Each month is given a different stone to identify with.
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A birthstone is a precious stone or gem symbolizing the month a person was born, for example the birthstone for January is garnet. The sto0nes have different meanings ...
Birthstones are gemstones that are assigned to each month of the calendar. Many times jewelry is given with the birthstone of the month the person was born in, ...
Birthstones represent the month that you were born in by means of color. The colors of these gemstones have significant meaning to your personality, the month ...
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