What is my Browning Sweet 16 worth?


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The characteristics of the shotguns tend to be similar, with most barrels being 26 or 28 inches. Any modifications to the weapon can also alter the price to make it higher or lower, but typically, a gun in mint condition sells for the most money. For instance, on the Guns International gun selling website, a Browning Sweet 16 in "100-percent condition" can go for as much as $3,750. This is a high price, however, and most of the shotguns sell for around $1,500.

The Browning Sweet 16 is a Browning Auto-5 semi-automatic shotgun that was manufactured in Belgium. In 1976, Browning began putting serial numbers on the guns to identify what type they are. Any serial number ending in 221 marks the gun as a Sweet 16. There are a variety of websites for gun enthusiasts to check and compare the prices of their guns, but the consensus for most Browning Sweet 16s depends on the date and condition of the gun.

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