What Is My Cookie Jar Worth?


The cookie jar may be worth a lot of money so it is in your best interest to get it appraised. The appraiser will be able to tell you a little more information on the cookie jar, if it is a valuable.
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It is worth about $2,000 if you sell it to a collector or a seller.
1. Start your collection with a cookie jar that you like or maybe a cookie jar that is meaningful to you. Perhaps you may be looking for that cookie jar that used to sit on your grandmother's
I would think that your best bet, would be to check for similar ones on ebay Source(s): http://arewhatyoueat.blogspot.com
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The value of your cookie jar depends on the specific jar and condition. For example a pelican jar by Abingdon Pottery from 1947 is worth $55.00. The following site might help with your specific jar .
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