What relation is my cousin's son to me?


Your cousin's son would be your nephew. If he or she had a daughter, then she would be your niece. The same would apply to you if you had any children of your own. This would also be the case when referring to children of your brothers or sisters.
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Your cousin's son is basically your second cousin. It is however, okay for them to refer to you as their aunt or uncle if there is a significant age difference. Most people find it confusing when it comes to identifying second and third cousins.
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The relation between you and your cousin's son is that the child is your first nephew as your children will call your cousin's children second cousins. The relationship ...
The relation you have to your cousin's son is that you are his aunt or uncle. This is because you are of the same generation and you and your cousin share a blood ...
Your cousin's son is called a cousin once removed. This is because there is a variation of one generation connecting the two of you since he is one generation ...
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