What Is My Fate?


A fate is the development of a series of events that are outside an individual's control. They are often regarded as supernatural powers. Fate is also the title of a wildlife game that requires the player to kill all ghosts.
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Fate is a fixed decree by which the order of things is prescribed.
Fate is the supposed force, principle, or power, which predetermines events, as well as the inevitable events predestined by this force. Some people believe that their stay on earth has been pre decided long before they became a resident of said planet.
Fate refers to a predetermined outline of events in an individual's life. It is an idea that is based on the certainty that there is a preset natural order to the cosmos. The sequences of events are normally considered inevitable and unchangeable. No one knows of their fate or another person's fate.
Fate is a course of events that will inevitably happen in the future and it is already pre determined. Normally, people do not know their fate and cannot predict what will happen in future, but there are astronomers who can help predict someone’s fate. To find out what your fate is you please refer to; http://www.findyourfate.com.
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Fate is when something is suppose to happen and their is no way to get around it. When a relationship goes bad but at the end of the year you all find each other. Fate is just like
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Fate is the theory that everything happens just the way it is supposed to happen and all things and events are predetermined.
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