What Is My Ghetto Name?


My ghetto name is Komquisha. You can take a quiz to get yours at: .
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1. "Bling" it up! Rhinestones, jewels, anything that sparkles or shines works great. There's no such thing as too much! 2. Get a loud stereo system in your car. Play rap
1. A ghetto was an enclosed (walled in) area where Jews. had. to live - by law. The first ghettos were established in Europe in the Middle Ages, when the Catholic Church ordered their
1. Do not try to be ghetto if you weren't already. If you were brought up that way, then this article is for you. But if you try to be ghetto and you're not, someone might beat you
Ghetto Testing is a way to estimate your sales opportunities in your target market before actually investing to build the product. The key idea is to find out how it will sell by
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There are many ghetto boy names. Some of them are Jaquan, Johntae, Davonte, Jakori. There is actually not an official list of the top ghetto boy names. ...
Ghetto dog names would be determined by the ghetto location. A ghetto is usually a section of a city where a minority group resides. It was originally used in ...
Ghetto Tube is an adult themed web portal that plays host to a plethora of sex videos. Membership to the site is free and you can also view/upload pictures. The ...
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