What Is My Proxy Address?


A proxy address is a set of numbers that are entered on the browser to surf the internet anonymously. A proxy address is different from the IP address; hence, one can browse the internet without leaving a digital footprint.
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1. Open your Internet browser. 2. Select "Tools" and "Internet Options" or "Edit" and "Preferences" from the toolbar at the top of the browser
this is the IP address of the proxy server this let you actcess the internet over a network that can filler what you can visted.
Cingular proxy address: wireless.cingular.com:80 Mmsc Address: http...
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A proxy address is described as the one where the Microsoft Exchange Server recipient like a public folder is acknowledged in a system of foreign messaging. You can find out your proxy address by visiting the online sites called msdn.microsoft and whatismyipaddress to know what your proxy address is.
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It is possible to bypass IP blocks by using websites that help unblock and hide a person's IP address. The VectroProxy's website allows you to browse and hides ...
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