What is Na2CO3?


Na2CO3 is sodium carbonate. Sodium carbonate is a compound. It is also known as soda ash, soda crystals, and washing soda; it is mostly used for making glass.
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Actually, Na2CO3 is Sodium Carbonate, or more commonly known as Washing Soda.
Na2 CO3 is the formula for Sodium carbonate. Just ask !
Na2CO3 is the chemical formula of Sodium Carbonate, which is a salt of caustic soda and carbonic acid. Because salt is formed by the neutralization reaction between an acid and base
From the first equation : 1mol CaCO3 reacts with 2 mol HCl. Molar mass CaCO3 = 100g/mol. mol CaCO3 in 0.200g = 0.200/100 = 0.002 mol CaCO3. This will react with 0.004 mol HCl. Mol
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