What Is Name of an 12 Sided Polygon?


A 12 Sided Polygon is called a Dodecagon. This polygon has twelve inside angles which measure 150? each and adds up to 1800?. This polygon is a two-dimensional figure and the twelve sides are of equal length.
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The name of a 12 sided polygon is Dodecagon.
It is called Dodecagon; A polygon with 12 sides. Thanks for using
Dodecagon is correct . here's all of them and why: Source(s) http://mathforum.org/dr.math/faq/faq.pol….
it would be an activagon or a chiliagon.
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Polygons are two dimensional 2-dimensional shaped plane with straight sides. Polygon comes from the Greek words 'poly' meaning many and 'gon' meaning angle. A twelve sided polygon is known as a Dodecagons.
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