Uses of Naphtha?


Naphtha is used by petrochemical companies for making olefins in steam crackers and as a solvent in chemical industries. Another use is producing high octane gasoline through the catalytic reforming method where it is basically used as feedstock.
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Naphtha has a variety of uses such as being a solvent, or for aromatic production and gasoline reforming or as a blending component of gasoline due to its high octane quality.
Naphtha is a volatile flammable liquid used mainly as a solvent. There are a variety of special-purpose hydrocarbon fractions that can be described as Naphtha but the ones that are widely known are Gasoline and kerosene.
Naphtha is a colourless chemical compound that is highly flammable and contains liquid hydrocarbon mixtures used mainly as solvents or fuel. Some of the uses of Naphtha are to fuel camp stoves and blow torches, and provide light in gas lanterns.
Naptha has a number of uses in different fields, for instance in chemical industry it is used to produce high octane gasoline and solvent applications for cleaning. In the petrochemical industry it is used to produce olefins.
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