What Is Narrative Text?


Narrative text consists of words that are ordered to tell a story or explain a course of events. Novels are the best examples of written work, containing narrative text.
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A narrative text refers to any typ of text that tells a story. This type of text can be fictional (made up) or non-fictional (a personal account of an event)
can you give the example of narrative text for listening class? where can I get it?
1. Interact with the text. If you want to analyze a text, you need to have interacted with it. This can mean annotating your reader responses in the margins, asking questions and
Narrative text is defined as 1. a story about fictional or real events, which follows a basic standard
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Narrative text is telling a story or a sequence of events. It can be written from the perspective of a character in the text and it does not need to be factual, unlike an exposition.
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A written work that is often a narrative and seen as a worthwhile body of work is a literary text. Literary texts are works of literature, including books, that ...
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