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Nature versus nurture is a debate that revolves around contributes of genetic inheritance and environmental factors to development of human behaviour. Some philosophers agree that some characteristics are inborn while others are as a result of the environment. This is one of the oldest issues debated under the study of philosophy.
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Nature vs. nurture is a debate, particularly in the behavioral sciences. Both are possible answers to the question how a person's personality and character develop. The debate asks whether a person's character is set from birth or if it is a product of environment, such as how they are raised and who they are influenced by.
Nature vs. Nurture describes the theory that only some behaviors are ingrained in us through our physical makeup or instinct. Other behaviors are theorized to be caused by our environment. A good example of this is Major Depressive Disorder - two alternate schools of thought exist on the cause; one stating it is 'natural' and built into our bodies biochemically, the other saying it is a product of our environment both growing up and now.
When talking about a serial killers disposition people often talk about nature vs. nurture and what caused him to become violent. Nature would be any sort of biological problem, a mental illness or a chemical imbalance in his brain. Nurture talks about his environment and how he was raised and if anything caused him to become violent.
Nature vs. Nurture is a long time topic of debate among scientist and parents alike. The concept is that some people believe that we are the way we are as adults because of genetics and we can't change what we are destined to be. That is the nature argument. The nurture argument states that we are the way we are as adults because of the way we are raised or brought up throughout childhood. The argument extends in the athletics, intelligence, sexuality or addiction for example. Both arguments have valid points and are widely believed to be accurate among their supporters.
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Nature is considered what you are born with or your heredity is how you act. Nurture is considered the environment that you live in influences an individual.
Psychologists don't know why people grow up to have the personalities they do. Some argue nurture, which is saying that a child's personality will form based on how they were raised
Knowledge arises from genetic information honed by a process of natural selection.Some
The nature vs nurture debate is a major source of argument between different approaches to understanding human behavior, including. addiction. Theories that base their understanding
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