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Navigation is the science of determining position, location, distance travelled and course to a known destination of an aeroplane or a vehicle. All navigation methods involve locating the navigator's position compared to known patterns or locations.
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Planning a road trip is easy with a GPS because the device can determine the distance from starting location to destination, telling a user exactly how much time should be planned
To navigate is to locate something so a navigator is a person or thing that helps you locate something. Hope this helps!
A. body. of. water. such as a. river. canal. or. lake. is. navigable. if it is deep, wide and slow enough for a. vessel. to pass. Preferably there are few obstructions such as rocks
A compass and a map of the world.
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Navigation is the science of getting to a certain location on the earth’s surface using such things as maps, landmarks, or even features in the sky. Navigation is a very old science, with such tools as the sextant and the astrolabe used by ancient sailors. Modern navigators use GPS and compasses for navigation.
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