NCK Code?


The NCK number or code is provided by the Service Provider (SP). It is used to lock the cell phone to the SP's SIM card.
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NCK code means Network Code Key that is provided to make the mobile work with any network.
1. Type " # 0 6 # into your cell phone to obtain your device's IMEI code. Alternatively, remove the battery cover and battery. Look up the IMEI code, located on the compliance
The NCK is unique to each iPhone. There is no way for me to find one thatll work
NCK - is N etwork C ontrol K ey, meaning, that the modem is locked in such a way that can work with only one operator. and services of other operators are not available till the modem
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NCK code is a specific number that can be used to unlock a phone. It can be obtained online on the Nckcodes website. NCK code enhances a cell phone's service options by enabling configurations that were originally not present.
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To unlock a Samsung C3050, you will need to know the unlock code. These should have been provided to you when you purchased the phone. The Network, or NCK, code ...
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