What is Nemo's dad's name?


My answer to that is from personal knowledge. Nemo is the name of a clown fish in the movie Findng Nemo. Nemo's dad's name is Marlin.
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Marvin! :)
Nemo's dad's name was Marlin in Finding Nemo. ChaCha!
Marlin, a clownfish is Nemo's overprotective father. He was voiced by Albert Brooks. Dory is the blue regal tang, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres.
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In the computer animated film Finding Nemo, Nemo's dad's name is Marlin. At the beginning of the film, Marlin is overly protective of Nemo, his only surviving son. As he searches for the abducted Nemo, Marlin learns to take risks and to not be so protective of Nemo.
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