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The Neolithic is a period of time in the development of humans that started around 9,500 BC. It is also referred to as the New Stone Age and is characterized by the development of pottery techniques.
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1. Translate the term "Neolithic" into modern English. Neolithic is derived from two Greek words that, when placed together, mean "New (Neo) Stone (Lithos) Age. Archaeologists
Neolithic:1:latest part of the Stone Age beginning about 10,000 BC in the Middle East (but later
The Neolithic Revolution, which begun 11,000 years ago, was when societies changed from hunting and gathering, to settled agriculture societies. With this revolution or major change
[CP] General term, now discredited, developed by Stuart Piggott, Stuart in 1954 to refer to the late Neolithic cultures of the British Isles which he believed to be the result of
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(sometimes lowercase) Anthropology of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the last phase of the Stone Age, marked by the domestication of animals, the development of agriculture, and the manufacture of pottery and textiles: commonly thought to have begun c9000–8000 b.c. in the Middle East.
(usually lowercase) belonging to or remaining from an earlier era; outdated; passé.
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Neolithic was a period for human history where we basically went from the stone age and started going into the bronze age in technology. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neolithic
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The Neolithic period was a significant point for the development of human technology. Shelters included mud brick huts or houses coated with plaster. They also ...
The Neolithic Revolution happened from the beginning of human life to around the year of 10,000 BC. The effects of the Neolithic Revolution was that it changed ...
The word Neolithic means belonging to an earlier age and now outmoded. It also means of or relating to the period of the Stone Age characterized by polished stone ...
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