What Is the Surface of Neptune Made of?


Neptune is a planet in the solar system and it is the eighth and farthest planet. The planet is a gas giant and is made from clouds and an atmosphere that consists of hydrogen helium an dmetane gas. The planet's mantle consists of water and ammonia while the core consists of rock made from silicates and nickel-iron.
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Neptune is a planet in our solar system. There are eight planets in our solar system. Earth is the third planet from the sun, while neptune is the eighth planet.
Its atmosphere is mostl made of hydrogen , helium , and a little of methane hydrogen, helium, and a little methane makes Neptune's atmosphere
Pinpoint a Surface Neptune is a gas giant. There is no solid or liquid boundary until you are clearly far inside the planet. Designating an outer surface to Neptune is like designating
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Neptune most likely has a molten rock core. The core is surrounded by liquid containing hydrogen, helium and water which slowly thins out to a gaseous atmosphere. There are also traces of ammonia and methane.
Neptune is made up an atmospheric layer, a large mantle and the core. The atmospheric layer is made up of helium, hydrogen and traces of ammonia, methane and water ice. The mantle is chiefly made of ammonia, water and methane. One the other hand, the core is made of iron, nickel and various silicates.
Neptune is made up of an outermost layer the atmosphere. This forms 5-10% of the planet's mass, and extending up to 20% to its core. Neptune's atmosphere is about 80% hydrogen, 19% helium, with trace amounts of other ices, like methane, ammonia and water ice.
Scientists believe that Neptune is made up chiefly of hydrogen, helium, water, and silicates.
Neptune is a mixture of methane, liquid ammonia, water, molten rock, hydrogen, and helium. Neptune has a blue cloud cover which s caused by the methane.
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Neptune is made of very cold gases including hydrogen, helium, and methane. The white clouds that surround Neptune are thought to be made of methane crystals. You ...
We can't live in neptune because it's atmosphere can not support life. Neptune is mainly made of hydrogen and helium, while its interior is primarily composed ...
Neptune has a few nicknames. 'The blue planet', 'the water planet', and the 'great gas giant'. Neptune is one of the four larger planets and its surface is made ...
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