Definition of Net Migration?


Net migration is the difference between immigration and emigration in a certain area during a specified time frame. It includes both citizens and non-citizens and is used to determine the net migration rate by dividing it per 1,000 inhabitants.
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This is when a country has more emigrants than immigrants.
1. Find the net in-migration rate, also known as crude rate of in-migration, the ratio of all migrants who moved into the region (IM) during a given year relative to the total midyear
The figure derived when natural increase is subtracted from the total change in population.
Iraq's Net Migration Rate (2005-2010) is: -3.9 migrants /1,000 population or
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To calculate crude net migration rate use the formula: I - E / P * 100. I represents the total number of immigrants and E sands for the total number of emigrants ...
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