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Nibbanain Buddha's teaching is a spiritual reference to a state or space of peace; an exquisite. Nibbana is the final goal in all Buddha's teachings that marks the ending of craving, dispassion and cessation. To be able to attain nibbana one has to annihilate any egoism he/she may be having.
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Nibb?na, not a place like heaven or paradise is extremely subtle and hard to describe. A place that is truly peaceful, blissful but there is no feeling associated with it, only Noble ones can know what it is really like but we can understand fairly well by inference and constant practice of insight meditation. The desire for nibb?na means the desire to be free from greed, hatred and delusion.
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It is impossible for me to explain what nibbana is because I have not experienced it it is when somone has happyness in there life,
Don't think anyone down here can teach you that :P...... Try reading the Buddhist scriptures and when you find it, please teach us
People wrongly think as Nibbana is a place or a plane of existence. It cannot be seen by the eyes but it can be known by the mind only through the knowledge of the noble path (Magga
The highest aim of Buddhists is to attain nibbana. It is not an abode. It is regarded as the highest stage of mental purity. The nature of its great peace cannot be fully expressed
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When a Buddhist reaches a transcendent state, they have reached Nirvana (Nibbana) and have become enlightened ...
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