What Is Niche Marketing?


Kami Stevenson (Director of Marketing)
Niche Marketing is the act of segmenting the market for a specific product and marketing intently to a small subset of the market, rather than pursuing a smaller share of a larger market.
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A niche market is a specific place where a product is in much demand. This product might not do well in other areas but sales extremely well in this particular market or area.
A niche is part of a market. For example Fitness could be a market. Body building would be a niche in the Fitness market. "Body building without using weights" would be
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Marketing strategy whereby marketers devote 100% of their efforts toward a small segment of a market instead of the whole market. Niche marketing generally appeals to smaller companies
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Niche marketing refers to finding a segment of consumers from the general market a carving them out by establishing a specific product line that provides solutions that cater to the needs of that segment of the market.
Niche Marketing is a business concept where a company decides to focus on a targetable market segment out of the general market. The company seeks to know the needs that are not being met by other market providers and then provides these specific product features to satisfy the specific market needs. The company may also review prices, increase the quality of products and services and undergo major promotions for this products and services.
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A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing. It defines the specific product features that are aimed at satisfying certain ...
Some advantages of using niche marketing include lower levels of competition, and the ability to set products and services at premium prices. Reaching target markets ...
Examples of niche products include: hybrid vehicles, tattoo cream, petroleum, among others. The key to niche product marketing is to understand the definition ...
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