What Is Niche Marketing?


Kami Stevenson (Director of Marketing)
Niche Marketing is the act of segmenting the market for a specific product and marketing intently to a small subset of the market, rather than pursuing a smaller share of a larger market.
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In theory, just about every marketing campaign could be considered a niche strategy. After all, even a Super Bowl ad, which could be viewed by 100 million people, is still going after
Niche Market Research is the first step an Internet Marketer takes to seek out a product that will sell well. Without market niche research there is no way of telling if the product
There are many, and the ones that will matter to you depend on your strategy. But in general, older folks. People 50+ and others are all joining websites to keep up with the younger
A niche market is a very specific market segment within a broader segment, usually involves
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Niche marketing refers to finding a segment of consumers from the general market a carving them out by establishing a specific product line that provides solutions that cater to the needs of that segment of the market.
Niche Marketing is a business concept where a company decides to focus on a targetable market segment out of the general market. The company seeks to know the needs that are not being met by other market providers and then provides these specific product features to satisfy the specific market needs. The company may also review prices, increase the quality of products and services and undergo major promotions for this products and services.
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