What Is Nightly Turn down Service?


A nightly turn down service is a service offered by some hotels. It involves making of every guest's room during bed time. A nightly turn down service may have a prayer offering, a vintage postcard or a nicely cooked meal.
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always desperate for new pretentious things to charge for, hotels now have a bored receptionist go around the rooms when its quiet in the evening and turn the corner of the bed covers
When you check into a hotel that offers turn down service, you can ask for it. The front desk manager will schedule the service at a particular time, so if there is an hour or two
Turn down, they get the bed ready to get in, loosen abedspread flip a corner of the duvet back. Make up is when they clean, empty the waste baskets, make the bed up snug and tight.
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Turn down service are hotel services in which a room is cleaned and refreshed, and bed linen is turned down for sleeping, during the period the guest is not in the room.
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