What Is Nitrogenous Wastes Definition?


Nitrogenous wastes are any type of waste product excreted from the body that include large amounts of the element nitrogen. One example of nitrogenous waste is urine in humans and other mammals.
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uric acid, mammals do it in the form of urea, this process is to ensure that little water is lost.
According to the Healthcare Environmental Resource Center, the federal government does not require a standard definition for regulated medical waste. Individual state agencies have
(neye- troj -uh-nuhs) Animal wastes (particularly urine) that contain materials high in nitrogen content. Nitrogenous waste can be valuable as fertilizer.
When cells break down proteins, they produce nitrogenous wastes, such as
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Nitrogenous wastes are the by-products of cells breaking down proteins. The nitrogenous wastes are removed from the body through the excretory system which also eliminates excess salts and water. One example of a nitrogenous waste is urea, a white, crystalline solid that is highly soluble in water. Urea is used to make fertilizers and cattle feed. It's main function is to raise the nitrogen level. You can find more information about nitrogenous wastes at http://science.jrank.org/pages/2627/Excretory-System.html and
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