What is noise pollution?


Noise pollution is excessive, unwanted and disturbing sound that disrupts normal activities, such as conversation and sleep. It diminishes a person’s quality of life. Common sources of noise pollution are human, machine-created and animal environmental sound.

Most outdoor noise pollution come from construction and transportation systems, such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, rails and aircraft. Poor urban planning results in noise pollution when residential and industrial buildings are constructed side by side. Indoor noise pollution sources include loud voices, animals, audio entertainment systems, appliances, mechanical equipment and car alarms. Persistently disturbing noise interferes with a person’s life, and it causes undesirable health effects, such as stress, sleep disruption, productivity loss and high blood pressure.

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Noise pollution is created by humans and is extreme loud noises that will affect one's hearing and comfort level. Noise pollution may be created by the playing of loud music in public
disavantages of noise pollution is like someone, is relly stress from the music you are playing loudly and you can get ears problems and headache etc.
1. Keep your stereo turned down so that if you are in your driveway, you cannot hear it. Of course, if you live in the country, isolated from neighbors, then you can blast away though
Noise pollution refers to generation and spread on noises in places and at times which causes disturbances in activities of other people, or causes discomfort or harms their health.
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noise pollution
unwanted or harmful noise, as from automobiles, airplanes, or industrial workplaces.
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Noise pollution is the excessive, displeasing sound that can be made by humans, animals and machines. The major sources of noise pollution are construction, industrial ...
The noise pollution may lead to effects such as hearing impairment, interference with spoken communication, sleep disturbances and cardiovascular disturbances. ...
If you want to prevent noise pollution you simply need to watch the noise you make at certain times of the night. If the noise comes from someone else record it ...
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