What is "non-ECC memory"?


A non ECC memory is a term that is used when dealing with computers to refer to a memory that is not self correcting. The ECC memory is an acronym that means error-correcting code memory.
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ECC stands for Error Correction Code. This type of memory has the ability to correct errors within the memory. The downside is that it can slow down your system.
ecc momory can detect and repair errors.
It means non error correcting. For servers, or PCs that are not "mission critical", error correction is not neccessary for processing data.
In mathematics, computer science and information theory, error correction and detection has great practical importance in maintaining data (information) integrity across noisy channels
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There are two types of memories when in comes to supporting ECC or error correction code/circuitry. Non-ECC memories are more common, faster and cheaper than ECC memories.
Non-ECC memory is the normal memory used in desktops that does not feature error detection and correction. ECC memory is generally only used in servers where the integrity of the data is critical.
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